Math 30-1 Practice Exams: Answer Key and Solutions


All practice exam questions are directly sourced from the workbook and converted to a multiple-choice format. While the video solutions correspond to the original workbook questions, the strategy to find the answer is the same in both formats.

Exam One: Polynomial, Rational, and Radical Functions


  1. B   Polynomial Functions, Example 3a
  2. C   Polynomial Functions, Example 4e
  3. A   Polynomial Functions, Example 5a (ii)
  4. C   Polynomial Functions, Example 5b (iii)
  5. D   Polynomial Functions, Example 7b (i)
  6. D   Polynomial Functions, Example 9a
  7. B   Polynomial Functions, Example 12a
  8. C   Polynomial Functions, Example 13 (a, b)
  9. D   Polynomial Functions, Example 16
  10. B   Polynomial Division, Example 1a
  11. A   Polynomial Division, Example 2c
  12. C   Polynomial Division, Example 3a
  13. A   Polynomial Division, Example 6
  14. C   Polynomial Division, Example 9b
  15. D   Polynomial Division, Example 10d
  16. A   Polynomial Division, Example 12b
  17. D   Polynomial Division, Example 15
  18. D   Polynomial Factoring, Example 1b
  19. A   Polynomial Factoring, Example 2a
  20. C   Polynomial Factoring, Example 4a
  21. D   Polynomial Factoring, Example 7a
  22. B   Polynomial Factoring, Example 9a
  23. D   Polynomial Factoring, Example 13
  24. C   Polynomial Factoring, Example 14b
  25. B   Radical Functions, Example 5d
  26. C   Radical Functions, Example 6b
  27. C   Radical Functions, Example 8b
  28. D   Radical Functions, Example 10
  29. D   Radical Functions, Example 12
  30. C   Radical Functions, Example 13b
  31. D   Radical Functions, Example 14a
  32. B   Radical Functions, Example 15a
  33. A   Rational Functions I, Example 6b
  34. B   Rational Functions I, Example 7c
  35. A   Rational Functions I, Example 10b
  36. D   Rational Functions II, Example 1c
  37. A   Rational Functions II, Example 2c
  38. A   Rational Functions II, Example 7
  39. C   Rational Functions II, Example 8b
  40. D   Rational Functions II, Example 9c
  41. D   Rational Functions II, Example 11
  42. B   Rational Functions II, Example 14
  43. A   Rational Functions II, Example 15


Exam Two: Transformations and Operations


  1. C   Basic Transformations, Example 2c
  2. C   Basic Transformations, Example 4c
  3. B   Basic Transformations, Example 6a
  4. C   Basic Transformations, Example 7b
  5. A   Basic Transformations, Example 8c
  6. A   Basic Transformations, Example 9b
  7. A   Basic Transformations, Example 10b
  8. D   Basic Transformations, Example 11b
  9. D   Basic Transformations, Example 13 (c, d)
  10. D   Basic Transformations, Example 14b
  11. D   Combined Transformations, Example 5b (iv)
  12. A   Combined Transformations, Example 7a
  13. B   Combined Transformations, Example 7b
  14. D   Combined Transformations, Example 8a
  15. D   Combined Transformations, Example 9b
  16. D   Combined Transformations, Example 10
  17. B   Combined Transformations, Example 11d
  18. B   Inverses, Example 2a
  19. C   Inverses, Example 3b
  20. D   Inverses, Example 5b
  21. C   Inverses, Example 7d
  22. A   Inverses, Example 8 (e,f)
  23. A   Function Operations, Example 1b
  24. B   Function Operations, Example 2d
  25. A   Function Operations, Example 3c
  26. A   Function Operations, Example 4b
  27. A   Function Operations, Example 6c
  28. A   Function Operations, Example 9d
  29. D   Function Composition, Example 2c
  30. B   Function Composition, Example 3a
  31. C   Function Composition, Example 4b
  32. A   Function Composition, Example 5a
  33. A   Function Composition, Example 6a
  34. B   Function Composition, Example 7b
  35. D   Function Composition, Example 8d
  36. D   Function Composition, Example 9a
  37. A   Function Composition, Example 10d
  38. B   Function Composition, Example 13


Exam Three: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions


  1. B   Exponential Functions, Example 1
  2. B   Exponential Functions, Example 2b
  3. D   Exponential Functions, Example 4b
  4. D   Exponential Functions, Example 5a
  5. A   Exponential Functions, Example 6c
  6. A   Exponential Functions, Example 6f (i)
  7. A   Exponential Functions, Example 7c
  8. D   Exponential Functions, Example 8f
  9. B   Exponential Functions, Example 11b
  10. D   Exponential Functions, Example 12b
  11. C   Exponential Functions, Example 13a
  12. B   Exponential Functions, Example 13c
  13. C   Exponential Functions, Example 15a
  14. C   Exponential Functions, Example 16 (a, b)
  15. C   Exponential Functions, Example 17b
  16. C   Exponential Functions, Example 19e
  17. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 3g
  18. A   Laws of Logarithms, Example 5h
  19. C   Laws of Logarithms, Example 7h
  20. D   Laws of Logarithms, Example 9h
  21. A   Laws of Logarithms, Example 10c
  22. C   Laws of Logarithms, Example 10h
  23. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 11a
  24. C   Laws of Logarithms, Example 11c
  25. A   Laws of Logarithms, Example 12b
  26. D   Laws of Logarithms, Example 13d
  27. A   Laws of Logarithms, Example 14a
  28. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 15c
  29. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 16f
  30. C   Laws of Logarithms, Example 18f
  31. A   Laws of Logarithms, Example 19c
  32. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 20g
  33. C   Logarithmic Functions, Example 2a
  34. D   Logarithmic Functions, Example 5c
  35. A   Logarithmic Functions, Example 6a
  36. A   Logarithmic Functions, Example 6c
  37. B   Logarithmic Functions, Example 9a
  38. C   Logarithmic Functions, Example 10a
  39. C   Logarithmic Functions, Example 10b
  40. A   Logarithmic Functions, Example 11a
  41. A   Logarithmic Functions, Example 11c
  42. D   Logarithmic Functions, Example 11e
  43. A   Logarithmic Functions, Example 12g
  44. C   Logarithmic Functions, Example 13e
  45. B   Logarithmic Functions, Example 14d
  46. D   Logarithmic Functions, Example 15c


Exam Four: Trigonometry I


  1. D   Degrees and Radians, Example 3b
  2. C   Degrees and Radians, Example 5e
  3. A   Degrees and Radians, Example 6c
  4. C   Degrees and Radians, Example 7a
  5. D   Degrees and Radians, Example 8d
  6. A   Degrees and Radians, Example 9b
  7. D   Degrees and Radians, Example 12b (ii)
  8. A   Degrees and Radians, Example 14a
  9. B   Degrees and Radians, Example 16b
  10. B   Degrees and Radians, Example 17a
  11. B   Degrees and Radians, Example 19a
  12. C   The Unit Circle, Example 1b
  13. B   The Unit Circle, Example 4c
  14. A   The Unit Circle, Example 4g
  15. D   The Unit Circle, Example 8b
  16. A   The Unit Circle, Example 9a
  17. D   The Unit Circle, Example 10c
  18. B   The Unit Circle, Example 11b
  19. C   The Unit Circle, Example 14d
  20. D   The Unit Circle, Example 15d
  21. C   The Unit Circle, Example 17a
  22. B   The Unit Circle, Example 18a
  23. B   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 1a
  24. D   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 3
  25. D   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 4
  26. C   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 7d
  27. D   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 9b
  28. B   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 11a
  29. A   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 11d
  30. A   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 13c
  31. D   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 14b
  32. C   Trigonometric Functions I, Example 16b
  33. D   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 2a
  34. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 4a
  35. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 5b
  36. B   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 6b
  37. A   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 6c
  38. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 6e
  39. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 7a
  40. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 7b
  41. B   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 11d
  42. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 12b
  43. D   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 13c


Exam Five: Trigonometry II


  1. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 1c
  2. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 2d
  3. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 3b
  4. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 4b
  5. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 6
  6. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 7a
  7. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 8b
  8. A   Trigonometric Equations, Example 12
  9. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 14a
  10. A   Trigonometric Equations, Example 15c
  11. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 15d
  12. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 16a
  13. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 16b
  14. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 16c
  15. C   Trigonometric Equations, Example 17a
  16. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 18b
  17. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 19
  18. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 20
  19. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 1b
  20. B   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 3b
  21. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 4a
  22. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 5b
  23. D   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 6b
  24. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 6c
  25. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 7a
  26. B   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 7c
  27. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 8c
  28. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 8d
  29. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 9b
  30. B   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 10c
  31. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 12
  32. B   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 15a
  33. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 16a
  34. D   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 17a
  35. D   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 18a
  36. A   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 19a
  37. B   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 1b
  38. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 2b
  39. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 3b
  40. C   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 6b (iii)
  41. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 9a
  42. C   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 10a
  43. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 12d
  44. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 13c
  45. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 14a
  46. B   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 15d
  47. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 16a
  48. C   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 17d
  49. C   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 20a
  50. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 21 (b, c)


Exam Six: Permutations and Combinations


  1. A   Permutations, Example 2g
  2. B   Permutations, Example 3a
  3. A   Permutations, Example 4f
  4. D   Permutations, Example 5c
  5. B   Permutations, Example 7b
  6. C   Permutations, Example 8b
  7. B   Permutations, Example 9b
  8. A   Permutations, Example 10c
  9. A   Permutations, Example 12c
  10. A   Combinations, Example 2d (ii)
  11. C   Combinations, Example 3b
  12. B   Combinations, Example 4a
  13. C   Combinations, Example 5a
  14. A   Combinations, Example 6a
  15. A   Combinations, Example 7a
  16. C   Combinations, Example 8b
  17. C   Combinations, Example 8e
  18. D   Combinations, Example 10c
  19. C   Combinations, Example 11a
  20. C   Combinations, Example 12d
  21. A   Combinations, Example 12f
  22. D   Combinations, Example 13a
  23. D   Combinations, Example 13e
  24. A   Combinations, Example 14b
  25. C   Combinations, Example 14e
  26. C   Combinations, Example 15c
  27. D   Combinations, Example 15e
  28. A   Combinations, Example 15f
  29. B   Combinations, Example 15g
  30. A   Combinations, Example 16c
  31. B   Combinations, Example 16d
  32. A   The Binomial Theorem, Example 2b
  33. C   The Binomial Theorem, Example 4c
  34. C   The Binomial Theorem, Example 5b
  35. C   The Binomial Theorem, Example 6b
  36. B   The Binomial Theorem, Example 7b
  37. D   The Binomial Theorem, Example 8a
  38. B   The Binomial Theorem, Example 8d
  39. B   The Binomial Theorem, Example 9a
  40. D   The Binomial Theorem, Example 10a


Math 30-1 Practice Final - Exam One


1. A   Polynomial Functions, Example 8b
2. A   Polynomial Division, Example 14
3. D   Radical Functions, Example 14a
4. C   Radical Functions, Example 14c
NR 1. 3142   Rational Functions II, Examples 2a, 4, 5, 7
5. D   Rational Functions II, Examples 12a
6. B   Rational Functions II, Example 10
7. B   Combined Transformations, Example 11d
8. A   Function Operations, Example 5a
9. C   Function Composition, Example 8c
10. C   Function Composition, Example 11a
11. A   Exponential Functions, Example 14b
12. C   Laws of Logarithms, Example 17c
13. D   Laws of Logarithms, Example 19a
14. B   Logarithmic Functions, Example 10c
NR 2. 55   Logarithmic Functions, Example 12g
15. C   The Unit Circle, Example 13e
16. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 6e
17. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 10 (a, b)
NR 3. 1586   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 13d
NR 4. 64   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 13e
18. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 12a
19. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 16c
20. B   Trigonometric Equations, Example 20b
21. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 14a
22. D   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 16c
NR 5. 2314   Trigonometric Identities I Examples 10c, 9c, 11b, 5a
23. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 18b
NR 6. 3142   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 10c
NR 7. 2413   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 6b
24. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 19
25. B   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 16b
26. B   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 20a
27. C   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 20b
28. A   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 20c
29. D   Permutations, Example 13c
NR 8. 1432   Combinations Examples 4d, 15c, 15d, 15h
30. A   Combinations, Example 16a
NR 9. 3421   Combinations Examples 3a, 13a, 14f, 12h
31. B   Combinations, Example 13f
32. D   Combinations, Example 14g
NR 10. 1024   Combinations, Example 15e
33. C   The Binomial Theorem, Example 3d
NR 11. 1080   The Binomial Theorem, Example 5c
NR 12. 1620   The Binomial Theorem, Example 8d


Math 30-1 Practice Final - Exam Two


1. A   Polynomial Functions, Example 15 (a, b)
2. A   Polynomial Division, Example 12b
3. B   Polynomial Factoring, Example 14a
4. C   Radical Functions, Example 13d
5. D   Rational Functions II, Example 9d
6. C   Rational Functions II, Example 13a
7. B   Basic Transformations, Example 12a
8. A   Inverses, Example 7a
NR 1. 4123   Function Operations, Example 1
9. D   Function Operations, Example 9e
NR 2. 43   Function Composition, Example 3a
10. C   Exponential Functions, Example 9c
11. C   Exponential Functions, Example 17b
12. B   Laws of Logarithms, Example 20d
13. C   Logarithmic Functions, Example 4c
14. B   Logarithmic Functions, Example 8b
NR 3. 22   Logarithmic Functions, Example 9a
NR 4. 1000   Logarithmic Functions, Example 14c
15. D   Logarithmic Functions, Example 15c
16. D   Degrees and Radians, Example 18a
17. B   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 5c
18. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 12 (a, b)
19. C   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 12c
20. A   Trigonometric Functions II, Example 12d
21. D   Trigonometric Equations, Example 18a
NR 5. 3142   Trigonometric Identities I Examples 5b, 6c, 8c, 8d
22. B   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 12 (c, d)
23. C   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 15a
24. D   Trigonometric Identities I, Example 17c
25. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 15b
26. D   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 22a
NR 6. 3214   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 12d
NR 7. 4123   Trigonometric Identities II, Example 17c
27. C   Combinations, Example 12g
28. A   Combinations, Example 14c
29. B   Combinations, Example 16f
NR 8. 4321   Combinations Examples 5b, 4b, 13d, 4a
NR 9. 1432   Permutations Examples 4d, 4e, 4f, 5c
NR 10. 3412   Permutations Examples 8b, 8c, 9a, 9c
NR 11. 1152   Combinations, Example 16d
NR 12. 2143   Combinations Examples 8b, 8c, 12c, 13g
30. A   The Binomial Theorem, Example 7c
31. D   The Binomial Theorem, Example 8d
32. D   The Binomial Theorem, Example 9b
33. D   The Binomial Theorem, Example 10b