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Rational Functions I: Graphs


The following graphs use Desmos, an interactive online graphing calculator.


  1. These graphs are intended to be used as a visual support for teachers delivering their lessons in a classroom.
  2. The visibility of each graph can be toggled with the circle icons on the far left.
  3. Graphs with several transformation steps can be "built up" by successively toggling the visibility of the intermediate steps (found in the example's folder).
  4. To find the intersection points, click once on either graph where they intersect. A second click will keep the intersection point coordinates visible.
  5. Teachers may find that projector mode makes the graphs more visible.
    Click the wrench icon (top right) to bring up the window settings, then click "Projector Mode".
  6. The window settings used in Desmos may differ slightly from the workbook.

Interactive Demonstration of Rational Function Transformations 1 (Individual Parameters)


Interactive Demonstration of Rational Function Transformations 2 (All Parameters)


Example 1


Example 2 (a - b)


Example 3


Example 4 (a - f)


Example 5 (a - d)


Example 6a


Example 6b


Example 6c


Example 6d


Example 7 (a - d)


Example 8 (a - d)


Example 9


Example 10