If you are among those who at school thought that mathematics would not be useful anywhere in your life. Be sure the information in this guide and five unexpected math tricks will surprise you and make you think differently.

Math30.ca experts collected all the most interesting mathematical tricks and their use in different areas.

The Queen of All Sciences

Everyone has heard this phrase at least once in their lives. In fact, mathematics underlies all human knowledge. At first, it may seem that this science and its techniques are more abstract and practically not applied in real life. However, mathematics in modern professions is very common. Although the science is not easy to study, it describes all actions in which at least some logic is present.

Where Mathematical Tricks and Laws Are Used

The scope of math techniques and laws application is unlimited. They are used in many branches of both science and industry. Not to mention accounting, medicine and other areas that are also based on math calculations. However, in engineering and construction, these techniques differ in their degree of complexity. After all, to build a house, a bridge or any other structure, it is not enough just to know the multiplication table.

Math Tricks in Gambling

Although gambling is a game of chance, some mathematical tricks are also used here. Operators of gambling establishments and professional players know this.

There was a case in history when a mathematician managed to beat the casino. His name is Edward Thorpe. After years of calculation and experiments, he wrote a book called “Beat the Dealer” about winning blackjack strategies.

Thorp found that the more nines, tens (also queens, kings, and jacks) and aces left in the deck, the better for the punter. So, he developed several card counting strategies. He also tried to beat the casino in other games, including European roulette.

But Thorpe’s strategies have not been proven effective, so no one can recommend whether to use them or not. The only thing is known for sure: to understand the game, you should know a few defining factors. The key ones are:

  • Expected value or house edge. This is the ratio of the average win/loss to the value of the initial bet.
  • Element of risk. It is a ratio of the average win/loss to the total amount of money placed on the table as a bet. This value also allows you to evaluate and compare different casino games with each other in terms of their profitability and riskiness.
  • Standard deviation. A value that characterizes the fluctuations of the bank when playing this game.

All these definitions or some kind of mathematical tricks apply to American roulette.

As you can see, gambling also has its own maths and tricks. Knowing them and using online casino choosing instructions developed by the industry experts, you can increase the chances of being successful in many online casino games.

Maths for Fun: 5 Tricks Everyone Should Know

These math tricks simplify the usual mathematical operations. Below are five of the most interesting and useful ones.

Trick #1

Quickly Squaring a Number Ending in 5

Everything is simple here: we multiply the first digit by a number that is one point more and add 25 to the end of the number.



We multiply 7 by 8 and get 56.

We add 25 to the number and get 5,625

Trick #2

How to Get 15% Easily

First, we calculate 10% of the original number. This can be done very simply: move the point one character to the left. Next, divide the resulting number by 2 and add it to 10%.

That is, we find 15% of 650 as follows: 10% is 65, half the number is 32.5. Then we add 32.5 to 65 and get 97.5.

Trick #3


We have all heard of this trick. Now is the time to understand it. Think of any number. Multiply it by 2. Add 12. Divide the sum by 2. Subtract the original number from it. You got 6, right? No matter what number you made up in mind, you will still get 6.

Here is why:

2x (double the number).

2x +12 (add 12).

(2x + 12) : 2 = x + 6 (divide by 2).

x + 6 − x (subtract the original number).

Trick #4

Magic Number 1089

This trick has been around for over a century. Write down any three-digit number whose digits are in decreasing order (for example, 765). Now write it in reverse order and subtract it from the original number. Add it to the answer you received, only in reverse order. Whatever number you choose, the result will be 1,089.

Trick #5

How to Multiply Big Number by 4

There is an extremely easy way to multiply even large numbers by 4. To do this, it is enough to decompose the operation into two steps, multiplying the desired number by 2 and then again by 2.


Not everyone can multiply 1,223 immediately by 4 in their minds. Now we do 1223 × 2 = 2446 and then 2446 × 2 = 4892. It is much easier.

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