This page contains comprehensive information on playing blackjack online. If you have never played this game before, you may just need to learn the game’s rules and then try your luck on a demo account. For more experienced players, we have prepared some useful tips.

What This Game Is About and Its Rules

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most trending games, both at the tables of land-based casinos and among table games in online casinos. Like any other gambling game, online blackjack has a specific set of rules that must be followed in order to play this game correctly.


Game Goal

The number of participants can be from 1 to 7 and the croupier. Despite how many players are at the table, everyone plays not against each other but against the dealer. The winner of the dealing the cards is the one who scores the sum of points (player’s hand) close or equal to 21, but more than the dealer does. If the punter’s hand exceeds 21 points, they lose the stack.


Hands in Blackjack

To play blackjack, you need to have a good understanding of the value of all cards. For example, the value of the king, queen, and jack, that is, all cards with pictures, is 10. The value of all other cards, from 2 to 10, corresponds to the face value of the card. As for the pelvis, it can be played as 1 or 11.



Before the first cards are dealt, all participants make stakes. Then everyone gets two cards. If a punter wants to improve their hand, they can take another card or refuse to take it. The dealer usually draws new cards until he reaches his 17 points. As soon as he does this, the game is considered over.

Kinds of Blackjack Online Games

Today’s gambler has access to a wide range of online blackjack variations. You can try your luck in the European, live dealer version, Spanish 21, classic – the collection of modern Internet casinos is endless. Let us look at the main options:

Spanish 21

The Spanish version of the card game is different in that there are no “10” in the deck. The winner is the one who scored 21 points, even if the croupier has the same number.


It is one of the most recent game options. The main difference is that the player receives not one combination of cards, as in the classic versions, but two. Each participant can change the top card. Since there are two combinations, there are also two stacks in the game.


As the game begins, punters are given one card each. After that, every participant can get as many cards as necessary. The peculiarity of European blackjack is that one can double the bet only when they get a combination of 9 to 11 points. In addition, the combination of ace and jack of black suits is paid as five to three.

Use Blackjack Chart Cheat Sheet

Blackjack online is one of those gambling entertainments where it is real to reduce the house edge. But you need to adhere to the correct game strategy. Below you will find a tip for beginners to help you make the right decisions in the game.

Practice Blackjack from Any Portable Device

Many modern gamblers cannot imagine a casino that does not have a mobile version or app. No matter what operating system your gadget is running on (Windows, Android, iOS), playing all variations of blackjack on your mobile or tablet is as easy as shelling pears. Thanks to HTML technology, all games are adaptive for mobile gadgets and work without interruption. Thus, anyone can play another part even during a break in the office.

Top Five Blackjack Online Tips

These rules should become golden ones if you want the game to give you real pleasure and unforgettable emotions.

  • Take care of your safety. Play blackjack only on legal and trusted sites.
  • Feel the game and slowly enjoy the gameplay first in the free mode. Do not rush to make real bets.
  • Experienced players recommend playing single-deck game variants, as their payouts are 3:2.
  • Casinos often give bonuses, use them for your positive gambling experience, but do it wisely.
  • You do not need to jump right into the pool, follow the basic strategy. Do not forget to peek into the cheat sheet for beginners.
Blackjack Chart Cheat Sheet